Chelsea Edwards, RDN, LD

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Have you ever felt confused by what to eat? Or overwhelmed by the amount of nutrition information available? Do you have anxiety surrounding food? Do you need to follow a special diet for a medical condition but don’t know where to start? Struggling with your infant or toddler on what to feed them or fights at meal time? I can help you address all of these, while learning to love food again and trust your body, as well as develop healthful eating patterns.

Food is a great source of pleasure and enjoyment when you have a healthy relationship with food. My goal is to help others make peace with food. I advocate for a non-restrictive diet and work to optimize nutrition based on the individual. I believe in an individualized, holistic, whole foods approach to nutrition with balance and moderation.

We’re all born with natural hunger cues we often lose as we age. We stop listening to them because of outside sources like encouragement to clear our plate as kids, comments from others about our size or intake and the chemical makeup of foods on the market today. We stop trusting our body, but together we can tune into your body’s cues again.

I do not promote restrictive diets. Weight loss diets don’t work and can often lead to disordered eating patterns and body image issues. I use an evidenced based approach to help you find the best foods for you that you actually enjoy eating. I don’t think anyone should eat food they do not enjoy. I want to help you love food again and trust your body in deciding what to eat. I look forward to helping you find your motivation to make changes in your life to be healthier.

I believe in intuitive eating and encourage body kindness while working through any nutrition related concerns. I’m not a “perfect eater,” don’t expect anyone else to be and don’t think such a thing exists. Balance means being able to eat all foods without guilt or shame and with enjoyment. I don’t believe in assigning labels like “good” or “bad” to food.

I will work with you to help address guilt and shame that may surround eating, so you can enjoy food again. Whether you have weight concerns, an eating disorder or a medical condition that requires a special diet, I hope you’ll consider allowing me to work with you.

I have a BA in public relations from Auburn University and spent my early twenties working in public relations and healthcare marketing before returning to school to pursue my passion for nutrition. I graduated summa cum laude from The University of Alabama with a BS in Food and Nutrition and completed my dietetic internship through The University of Houston. I graduated from The University of Alabama in December 2018 with a MS in Clinical Nutrition.

Let me help you find your motivation to make changes in your life. Call today to schedule your appointment or email me for more information. 256-258-7777 x107


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