It Takes a Village

In preparation for this blog, I found myself searching to find a topic about which I felt enthused to write. Hoping for some ideas and inspiration, I called upon a group of fellow moms whom I connected with when my first child was born.

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The Challenge To Connect

Just take a moment and consider how many “friends” you have? And don’t count the 500 plus social media “friends” you claim. How many can you name? How much time have you spent with them lately?  And how do you know they are “true friends?” This is a question exists in all stages of life: the young, middle aged, and the old.

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Top 6 Ways to Know How Much Is Too Much Sharing on Social Media #Selfies #Iloveme #noboundaries #selfimportant #likebutton #foodpictures

I’ve heard time and again that “today’s generation” is on technology and electronic devices too much these days.  Whether it’s Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Stream Video Gaming, etc., young people of today get the blame.  However, research shows that people of all ages share, read, and post on social media venues frequently.  And if you walk the streets of any U.S. city all the way to downtown Hong Kong, you’ll find many people staring at their phones and not apologizing for it. 

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