Finding Authentic Joy Amidst Chaos

“Joy to the World!” Every song on the radio, department store window, advertisement on television, and passerby on the street seem to be proclaiming “ ‘tis the season to be jolly!”

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It’s Ok Not to Be Okay

What is therapy REALLY like? In response to this question, I have the permission and privilege of sharing a blog written by a client who tells the story of her journey of contemplating attending therapy and what it has been like for her since she started. May you find this blog as helpful as I did. Special thanks to the person who allowed me to share this.

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Through the Eyes of a Therapist

Have you ever wondered what your therapist REALLY thinks about you?  Or what they are writing on their little note pad during sessions?  I’m here today to reveal the secrets, although they aren’t really secrets. 

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