Lessons we can learn from kids

Last night, my daughter had a friend stay at our house for a sleep over. As I always am when I watch kids interact, I was amused and amazed. They have such a way of engaging with each other that is part genius, part imagination and part sheer silliness. I remember back to when I was a kid and would spend time with my buddies. Everything was unbelievably funny one minute then the next someone's feelings were hurt and some level of momentary drama would ensue. But ammends were made quickly and the fun would resume. As I observed my daughter and her friend, I was reminded of  a number of lessons we adults could do well to learn from kids.

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The Challenge To Connect

Just take a moment and consider how many “friends” you have? And don’t count the 500 plus social media “friends” you claim. How many can you name? How much time have you spent with them lately?  And how do you know they are “true friends?” This is a question exists in all stages of life: the young, middle aged, and the old.

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