healthy relationships

A Goodbye Letter to My Toxic Relationship

Originally, I sat down to write this as a letter to my former self to express kindness, validation, and reassurance. But I would also like to pen this as a send-off, a good bye letter, a farewell to my past toxic relationship.

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How to Be Better Together

After reading a few of my colleagues’ recent blogs, I was compelled to continue the theme of focusing on the new year in 2019, although with a different outlook. As others mentioned, it is a common expectation to set personal goals at the beginning of each year and attempt to reach those by the end of December.

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What a man!

In honor of TBL’s fourth birthday, I wanted to write my blog today on one of the reason’s we have enjoyed such a great four years in existence. This reason is my husband, who happens to be a really, really good guy.

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