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8 Steps to Making and Keeping Those New Year’s Resolutions

I received a random email one morning last week called “Trivia Daily”. I have no idea how this landed in my in-box or how I got on their email list. Normally I would delete such an email and never look back and I might even delete myself from their email list. But this particular morning I opened and read the email.

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A Different Take on New Year's Resolutions

Ah, it’s that time again…New Year’s Resolutions! It seems most of us can be divided into two camps- those who have given up on even setting any resolutions each year, because, well, we often don’t stick to them beyond January 15th or so. And the other camp- those who continue to ambitiously establish a slew of goals for the new year that go to the way side by January 15, even despite our good intentions.

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I Appreciate You! An Open Letter to our TBL Clients

While we are continuing to face challenges regarding COVID-19, there seems to be a strong desire by many to return to normalcy. This can be achieved by focusing on one’s own mental health and beginning or continuing therapy is a perfect way to do so. 

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