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10 Ways to gain your INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM from chaos

When I think of our forefathers who founded this country, I consider how they must have felt trapped by the way things were run in their home country of Great Brittan.  In addition to feeling trapped, other words that come to mind are oppressed, afraid, emotional, and at times hopeless.  And yes, it’s true, I’m making a stretch here to connect July 4th’s Independence Day to this week’s blog, but I wonder if many of us feel the same way (trapped, oppressed, afraid, emotional, and at times hopeless) by the chaos in our lives. 

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Back to School: Setting your Child up for Success

It’s that transitional time of the year again when summer break is officially winding down and there are less than two weeks before most schools start back.  For parents, it is sometimes a relief for their kids to go back to school, but for children and adolescents, it can be a feeling of dread to get back into the routine of schoolwork and waking up early. 

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Lessons in letting go of your overwhelming life

As a specialist in the treatment of anxiety disorders the past four years, I have seen a lot of anxious individuals.  Some more anxious than others, but almost all of them despite circumstances or clinical diagnoses, share an underlying feeling of being overwhelmed.

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