Having the Hard Conversations about Race
I don’t know a single person who hasn’t been impacted by 2020 in some way, whether it be
testing positive for coronavirus, suddenly doing virtual work or school, or having strong feelings
about the police and/ or race relations. Believe me, I feel it, too!
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Life Lessons from The Game of Football

     In a recent interview, the famous Tom Brady spoke these inspirational words, “As you get older, your life changes quite a bit.  Your life ebbs and flows; through the clouds and through the sun and through the rain and through the beautiful days.  And you appreciate the moments and you find joy in the little things.”

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Is the phrase “good stress” an oxymoron? Or, can a time-limited amount of stress allow us to experience growing pains and learn to be flexible, roll with resistance, and stretch our limitations into a more expanded comfort zone?

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