Having the Hard Conversations about Race
I don’t know a single person who hasn’t been impacted by 2020 in some way, whether it be
testing positive for coronavirus, suddenly doing virtual work or school, or having strong feelings
about the police and/ or race relations. Believe me, I feel it, too!
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Help! My Anger is Out of Control!

I work with many couples and individuals who experience high levels of anger caused someone in their lives or they themselves are angry.Anger is an emotion, although some would say it is a secondary emotion because underneath the anger is something else, something deeper.

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It takes two

We’ve all heard the dismal statistics about divorce: somewhere in the 40-50% range is the likelihood that a first marriage will end in divorce. It goes up for subsequent remarriages.  There seems to be more of a casual attitude about marriage with divorce not being as stigmatizing as it has been in the past. However, research shows that stable, happy marriages increase emotional and physical well-being, including extending the lifespan.  

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Making Your Relationship Work

I’ll never forget my husband and I’s first year of marriage. After the wedding and honeymoon, I was so ecstatic about beginning our new life together, but I had not put much thought into what that might look like on a daily basis. 

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The Key To Assertiveness

How often have you had a thought in your head that can’t seem to come out right in conversations with others? Most of us either convey things a little too harshly than we intended or the ideas of our mind never seem to leave our brains leaving us feeling regret for the things we did not say.  In many facets of our lives, we are faced with social settings in which interjecting our opinion is necessary to our emotional well-being.  Unfortunately, often times, those opinions get lost in translation and are not perceived well by those we wish to disclose them to. 

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Top 6 Ways to Know How Much Is Too Much Sharing on Social Media #Selfies #Iloveme #noboundaries #selfimportant #likebutton #foodpictures

I’ve heard time and again that “today’s generation” is on technology and electronic devices too much these days.  Whether it’s Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Stream Video Gaming, etc., young people of today get the blame.  However, research shows that people of all ages share, read, and post on social media venues frequently.  And if you walk the streets of any U.S. city all the way to downtown Hong Kong, you’ll find many people staring at their phones and not apologizing for it. 

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Validation: Misunderstood

Perhaps you’re familiar with the concept of validation, however, often when we think we are validating someone we are actually invalidating them (and might not even know it). Did you know that there are two rules for validating emotions and six levels and it’s not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

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