Be the Change

Most of the time, I feel very grounded and centered. I take things in stride. I feel my emotions but I don’t tend to get carried away by them. I don’t sweat the small stuff. But, one day recently, I wasn’t able to do this.

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From Nightmares to Hope

This year has felt like a nightmare to most of us. The kind where the

scary shadow is tripping on your heels and no matter how fast you run

you might as well be running on an omnidirectional track because you’re

not getting anywhere. No matter how bad the nightmare is, however, we

still have hope.

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The Tissue Box and My Observations

A counselor friend of mine said she dubbed her client seating area as “the crying couch” and I’ve referred to the loveseat in my own office as that many times over.  One of the most vulnerable moments in therapy is when a person sheds tears while sharing their hurts, regrets, guilt, shame, and other emotions.

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