Double Nickels and Life Lessons

Although my dad in 2002 died at 55 years and 10 months old, he used to say he was “double nickels”. Now it’s my turn to be the age of double nickels at my next birthday in October. There’s always been this dark cloud hanging over my brother, sister, and I since our dad and two other close extended family members died relatively young around the same time.

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It takes two

We’ve all heard the dismal statistics about divorce: somewhere in the 40-50% range is the likelihood that a first marriage will end in divorce. It goes up for subsequent remarriages.  There seems to be more of a casual attitude about marriage with divorce not being as stigmatizing as it has been in the past. However, research shows that stable, happy marriages increase emotional and physical well-being, including extending the lifespan.  

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Roadmap to Happiness: PERMA

My kids have been super excited about Summer’s arrival (for the last few months!) and kept asking me, “Is it Summer, yet?” I’m fairly certain they weren’t the only ones excited about Summer and that there were a lot of adults out there that have been excited about the warmer weather and sunshine as well!

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