Double Nickels and Life Lessons

Although my dad in 2002 died at 55 years and 10 months old, he used to say he was “double nickels”. Now it’s my turn to be the age of double nickels at my next birthday in October. There’s always been this dark cloud hanging over my brother, sister, and I since our dad and two other close extended family members died relatively young around the same time.

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Finding Your Inner Happy Place

    I believe we have all been a part of a conversation in which someone exclaims, “The beach is my happy place!” That comment is most likely followed by a list of extremely desirable qualities about the beach.  Some of the most common that come to my mind are the warm sun, calming waves, friendly people, low-key atmosphere, and exclusive water activities.

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Get outside!

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year, with Spring running a close second. I guess growing up in the south with our extreme summers and damp, dreary winters makes me extra appreciative of the moderate temperatures that Fall brings us. While the season tends to end far too soon, I love so many things about it: the crispness in the air, the changing leaves, the harvest decorations and holidays, college football- you name it about Fall, I'm a fan.

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Healthy People

Ok...so, I'm cheating this week. I admit it. It's my week to write and I've allowed myself to be stretched too thin and as a result I'm late writing and have one too many things on my plate! But, as I tell many a client, these are the results of my choices and while I don't regret all the things I've been doing, I do recognize that I need to take a step back and slow it down. I preach mindfulness...it's important to practice it as well!

So, one way I'm taking a step back is by cheating a bit with blog content. I have had this article in my inbox for a year now waiting for the right moment to share it and today seems like the perfect day! We are fast approaching holiday season and New Year's Resolutions, so it seems timely to talk a bit about healthy habits. I'm borrowing this from the foodmatters.tv website. It's a great resource for healthy living that you might like to check out.

Enjoy! (and I promise my own content next time!)

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How to Adapt and Overcome In Tough Times

 A few years ago I had a supervisor who frequently used the phrase, “adapt and overcome.”  As life’s celebrations and hard knocks have come my way, I have referenced this phrase many times myself and credit my former supervisor, Paul, for repeating this phrase often and putting it in my memory bank to recall when needed. 

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Incorporating Mindfulness Into Your Life

Over the past few years, I’ve become increasingly interested in the concept of mindfulness and how it can benefit those who practice it. There is more and more research coming out that supports the many benefits from a mindfulness practice.

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Mindful Kids and Teens

About a month ago, Dana wrote a blog post about the benefits of mindfulness and those benefits naturally extend to our children! In fact, I’d say that kids and teenagers who are more thoughtful and calm is a benefit to us ALL!

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New Year, New You?

By: Dana Hampson, LPC-S, BCC

Each January, Runner’s World magazine (of which I am a subscriber) puts out their annual New Year, New You edition to kick the year off right. It’s chock full of articles and advice meant to motivate and inspire would-be runners to run and for experienced runners to take it to the next level, whatever that might be for each person. I like reading it. Sometimes I find something new and interesting. Since I’ve been running for over a decade now, most of the stuff I already know but it’s a good refresher. What it really does for me is encourages thought about what I’d like to do better as a runner, how I can improve in the next year, what I’ve done up until this point and what’s still on my bucket list to accomplish in the future.

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