8 Ways Setting Boundaries Improves Your Quality of Life
As much as we try, we cannot be all and do all for everyone all of the time. Rarely saying “no” and putting everyone’s need and feelings above your own can have dastardly consequences. Constant people pleasing can put you on the fast track to burn out and the manifestation of physical symptoms due to stress.
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Making Your Relationship Work

I’ll never forget my husband and I’s first year of marriage. After the wedding and honeymoon, I was so ecstatic about beginning our new life together, but I had not put much thought into what that might look like on a daily basis. 

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The Key To Assertiveness

How often have you had a thought in your head that can’t seem to come out right in conversations with others? Most of us either convey things a little too harshly than we intended or the ideas of our mind never seem to leave our brains leaving us feeling regret for the things we did not say.  In many facets of our lives, we are faced with social settings in which interjecting our opinion is necessary to our emotional well-being.  Unfortunately, often times, those opinions get lost in translation and are not perceived well by those we wish to disclose them to. 

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