Negative Self-Talk: Exploring ways to deflate negative self-talk in your Teen

Am I ugly? Is a question most of us have asked ourselves at least once?  A few years ago there was a YouTube explosion as teens around the world were filming themselves and asking the opinion of public viewers. Some say it was an attempt to get attention, others say it comes from low self-esteem, and others suggest that it's due to lacking knowledge of what's shareable. After all, today’s social media has made it easy to share everything.

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Mindful Kids and Teens

About a month ago, Dana wrote a blog post about the benefits of mindfulness and those benefits naturally extend to our children! In fact, I’d say that kids and teenagers who are more thoughtful and calm is a benefit to us ALL!

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Supporting Your Anxious Teen

“I’m worried about my kid and don’t know how to help them” is a statement I hear often in my office. Concerned parents bring their teens in for counseling because they’ve noticed behavioral changes and know their child is hurting, but often feel lost in how to help them.

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