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10 Ways to gain your INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM from chaos

When I think of our forefathers who founded this country, I consider how they must have felt trapped by the way things were run in their home country of Great Brittan.  In addition to feeling trapped, other words that come to mind are oppressed, afraid, emotional, and at times hopeless.  And yes, it’s true, I’m making a stretch here to connect July 4th’s Independence Day to this week’s blog, but I wonder if many of us feel the same way (trapped, oppressed, afraid, emotional, and at times hopeless) by the chaos in our lives. 

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Life Lessons From The Kitchen
I am so excited to be writing my first blog post with The Balanced Life!  I was unsure of which direction I wanted to take my first blog until a message came to me, surprisingly, while I was watching an episode of Chopped on The Food Network.  If you haven’t seen it, the show consists of three very short rounds that chefs compete in, in which they have to put together a complete meal based out of a basket of food that is picked for them.  While watching the show one evening I realized that there are some real life lessons being exhibited if you pay attention.
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