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Effectively Using DBT and CBT to Treat Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adolescents

3 Contact Hours

Friday, June 10, 2022
9:45 am until 1:15 pm
In Person Training: Madison Public Library Auditorium  142 Plaza Blvd. Madison, AL 35758

Cost to attend

$80 by 5/27/2022
$110 through 6/9/2022
$140 day of/onsite

Speaker: Casey Harris, LPC

Learning Objectives:

During this training, attendees will:

1. Recognize how anxiety and depression specifically affect children and adolescents.

2. Explain the major concepts and clinical strategies of Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

3. Learn and implement DBT and CBT interventions as approaches to counseling children and adolescents.

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Sex Therapy 101: Understanding the Basics

3 Contact Hours

Friday, June 24, 2022
11:00 am- 2:15 pm CST/ 12:00 PM-3:15 pm EST
Live Webinar 

Cost to attend

$80 by 6/10/22 
$110 through 6/23/2022

Guest speakers: Laura Stisher, MS, LPC, CSOTP (; and Jacquelyn Matotek, MA, LPC, CCTP (;

Laura and Jacquelyn are members of AASECT, The Sexual Health Alliance, and are under the supervision of David Ley, PhD, CST and Jennifer Rafacz, PhD, CST, respectively.

Learning Objectives:

During this training, attendees will:

1. Understand what sex therapy is and how it originated.

2. Be able to identify the six principles that make up sexual “health.”

3. Describe at least three common sex therapy difficulties and ways to intervene.

4. Understand the intersection of trauma and sexuality and ways to intervene.

5. Understand the differences between addiction terminology and out of control sexual behavior (OCSB) terminology.

6. Learn terminology to better understand alternative lifestyles, sexualities, and relationship structures.

7. Understand when to refer to a Certified Sex Therapist.

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Ethics: Confidentiality and Privacy (AM) and/or Professional Relationships (PM)

3 or Contact Hours

Friday, July 8,2022
9:45 am until 4:45 pm
In Person Training: Madison Public Library Auditorium  142 Plaza Blvd. Madison, AL 35758

Cost to attend

$80 for 3 hours or $120 for 6 hours (includes lunch) by 6/24//22
$110 for 3 hours or $150 for 6 hours (includes lunch) through 7/6/22
$140 for 3 hours dayof/onsite or $170 day of/onsite (does not include lunch) 

Speaker: Holly Walker, LPC-S (AM session) and Dana Hampson, LPC-S, MBA (PM session) 

Learning Objectives:

Morning session: 

Title: Confidentiality and Privacy

Let’s take a deep dive into ethical expectations and issues around confidentiality and privacy!  We will examine trust in a counseling relationship, the ongoing partnership between clinician and client/ patient, appropriate boundaries, and maintaining confidentiality.  We will cover the ACA Code of Ethics, Section B, and the NASW Code of Ethics, Section 1 (select subheadings).  Doesn’t it sound like fun? Come join us!


  • Review the specifics in the Codes of Ethics for counselors and social workers, specifically  pertaining to confidentiality and privacy.
  • Review case scenarios and vignettes to bring ethical dilemmas to life that can be applied to modern day clients and patients.
  • Learn the correct ways to protect clients/ patients and yourself!
  •  Examine the ethical decision-making model(s) to be sure consistent procedures are followed.

Afternoon session: 

Title: Ethical Relationships with Other Professionals

In this training, we’ll explore the ACA and NASW code of ethics as they pertain to our responsibilities in the relationships we have with other professionals. We’ll consider how we can best behave professionally with colleagues, employers, employees, supervisees, and students. Join Dana for an engaging and informative discussion!


  • Review the ACA and NASW codes to learn about and refamiliarize attendees with our ethical obligations towards other professionals in the counseling and social work fields.
  • Consider the ethical obligations of educators and supervisors in relation to students and supervisees.
  • Discuss scenarios that can arise in professional relationships and consider the most ethical way to resolve.

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Using Motivational Interviewing to Promote Growth and Change in Clients who are "Stuck"

3 Contact Hours

Friday, August 12, 2022
9:45 am until 1:15 pm
In Person Training: Madison Public Library Auditorium  142 Plaza Blvd. Madison, AL 35758

Cost to attend

$80 by 7/29/2022
$110 through 8/11/2022
$140 day of/onsite

Speaker: Mackenzie Boothe, LPC

Learning Objectives:

During this training, attendees will:

1. Learn how to use motivational questions to avoid forcing, coercing, or alienating clients.

2. Be able to identify client’s stage of change and strategies for getting them “unstuck.”

3. Learn to motivate even the toughest of clients to change problematic behavior.

4. Learn how to release the pressure from yourself and get great results.

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Hypnosis and how to reprogram for lasting happiness 

Contact Hours

Friday, September 9, 2022
9:45 am until 4:45 pm
In Person Training: Madison Public Library Auditorium  142 Plaza Blvd. Madison, AL 35758

Cost to attend

$120 (includes lunch) by 8/26/22
$150 (includes lunch) through 9/8/22
$170 day of/onsite (does not include lunch) 

Speaker: Maggie Minsk, LPC, CHt

Learning Objectives:

After this training, attendees will:

1. Be able to easily define and identify hypnosis in all its variations.

2. Have a general understanding of evidence behind effectiveness of hypnosis as a treatment modality.

3. Be able to identify ways in which they're already using hypnosis techniques in their work and learn ways to make it more effective.

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Using Polyvagal Theory to Treat Trauma

4 Contact Hours

Friday, October 21, 2022
9:45 am until 2:15 pm
In Person Training: Madison Public Library Auditorium  142 Plaza Blvd. Madison, AL 35758

Cost to attend

$90 by 10/7/2022
$120 through 10/20/2022
$150 day of/onsite

Speaker: Maggie Minsk, LPC, CHt, CI

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the foundation for the polyvagal theory.
  2. Explain how knowing about the nervous system helps us when treating client with trauma.
  3. Use tips to deal with hypoarousal in a session.
  4. Share the polyvagal theory with clients. 

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Refund, Transfer, Cancellation and Postponement Policy


If a refund is requested by the participant a refund, minus a $25.00 administrative fee, will be provided assuming the request is received at least two weeks in advance of the event. All cancellations must be in writing and should be emailed to No refunds will be issued if the request is received less than two weeks prior to the training event.  If a participant fails to attend the seminar, no refunds or transfers will be issued.


If a participant is unable to come to a training he/she is registered for, he/she may transfer the registration fee to a future training. The request to transfer the registration must be a minimum of two weeks before the scheduled event. The credit must be used within 12 months of the original training date. If there is a balance due (i.e. the original training fee is less than the one being transfered to), the participant will need to submit a check to The Balanced Life, LLC for the balance a minimum of two weeks prior to the new training date. 


If The Balanced Life, LLC cancels a seminar, a full refund will be provided. The Balanced Life, LLC reserves the right to cancel any seminar due to low enrollment.


At times, postponing a seminar may be unavoidable. If a seminar is postponed, all registered will have the option to attend the seminar on the newly scheduled date, or have their registration transferred to another seminar of their choice within the next 12 months. No refunds will be given. If a seminar is not attended within that 12-month period, transfer of paid registration to another seminar is forfeited. 

By enrolling, regardless of payment method, means that you agree to and will adhere to the refund, transfer, cancellation and postponement policy. 

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