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Do you or your child struggle with mood, behavior, or substance abuse issues that are taking control of your life and making you feel negatively about yourself? Have these problems caused a disruption at school or work and in relationships with those you care about? If so, I can help you minimize these issues and regain control of your life.

My areas of interest include: childhood behavioral issues including ADHD and ODD, childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, self-esteem issues, and substance abuse recovery.

I am Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor. I graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and completed my Master’s degree in Community Counseling at The University of North Alabama.

I have several years experience working in a mental health center facility providing individual and family therapy to adults and children. I have also worked in an outpatient substance abuse treatment center and counseled adults with addiction issues. I previously interned with the National Children’s Advocacy Center and am trained in the Trauma- Focused CBT model which I have used with child abuse victims. Due to these various experiences, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients all ages each with separate needs.

I have an eclectic approach to counseling, which encompasses many different theories such as cognitive behavioral, person-centered, and solution focused therapy. In my opinion, an ideal counseling environment should be built with trust and rapport and focus on values of mutual respect and empathy towards one another. I believe that an effective therapeutic relationship is a team effort, where both counselor and client work together towards a positive change.

I truly believe than we all face a variety of struggles throughout different stages of our lives. Whether you are a child with disruptive behaviors or an adult struggling with depression, I can help you move on from the past and look towards a new future. Together, we can create the most appropriate plan of action to start you on the path of achieving happiness and meaning in your life.

To make an appointment, email me or give me a call at 256-258-7777 x104.

I also offer a premarital counseling package designed for engaged couples that are seeking to work on improving their relationship in preparation for marriage. Premarital counseling is vital in building a foundation for a lasting marriage by focusing on key aspects present in all relationships. Working with a licensed professional counselor can offer couples a comfortable, relaxed environment where they can openly share and work together for the betterment of their relationship.

What is included in this counseling package?

  • 6 one hour sessions with a licensed professional counselor scheduled at your convenience before or soon after your wedding
  • Handouts to utilize at home with your significant other focused on key aspects of marriage

What will our counseling sessions cover?

Session 1: Initial Introduction and Assessment

Session 2: Commitment and Trust

Session 3: Communication Skills

Session 4: Conflict Resolution

Session 5: The 3 F’s: Family, Finances, and Faith

Session 6: Speaking the Same Love Language

Why is this investment important?

At a reasonable rate of $300, this premarital counseling package will teach you and your partner the valuable tools necessary to minimize conflict and maximize happiness in your relationship. With the facilitation of a licensed professional counselor, couples can engage together in a therapeutic environment and develop a deeper understanding of love and marriage.

To make an appointment, email me or give me a call at 256-258-7777 x104.

Counselor Supervision

Finding a licensure supervisor once you have finished your Master’s Degree can be a tricky process but it doesn’t have to be.  I guide individuals through the initial paperwork process, answering the numerous questions new graduates  have. I meet with my supervisees weekly at either my office in Madison or other local sites as needed and read professional literature with them to further awareness and knowledge. I often study with my supervisees for their National Board Exam and provide support through the application and testing process. If you’re looking for an enthusiastic supervisor and mentor for the licensure process, look no further and call 256-258-7777 x 104 or email me at today! 

"The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination." – Carl Rogers

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