Wellness Coaching

Ready to live a healthy lifestyle? Want to reach a health or fitness goal? We can motivate and guide you through this process. Dana has coached individuals to reach their fitness goals including running marathons and has witnessed firsthand what people are capable of with the right guidance and motivation.

Time Management, Study Skills, Organization and Budgeting

Struggling to meet deadlines or sticking to a budget? Having trouble with procrastination? Looking for strategies to be more successful at school? We will explore the causes of these issues and then work with you to overcome them so that you can be proactive, efficient and productive.

Pre-Marital Coaching

Having a firm foundation in your relationship prior to getting married is a crucial component to a long, happy marriage. Our pre-marital coaching services are designed to help couples work together on key issues prior to their wedding to help pave the way to a marriage partnership of communication, trust, and love. Lindsey offers a coaching package that is perfect for couples preparing for marriage or that have been recently married. Learn more about our pre-marital coaching services provided by Lindsey Hill.

Coaching Services for Counselors

Learn about Counselor Supervision and Private Practice Consultation services provided by Dana Hampson.

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